Get ready to capture clear
sound everywhere

Get ready to capture clear sound everywhere

A new class of microphone is coming.

A compact 80-element high-fidelity, high sensitivity array with adjustable directivity and optional real-time noise filtering to capture the clearest sound at a distance, even in the most challenging sonic conditions.

The one to always have
in your kit.

  • One microphone with three settings that adapts to any situation
  • Knows every sound is valuable
  • Separates and records all target and ambient sounds
  • Removes noise while recording even in the most extreme environments
  • Highly sensitive at a distance with extensive range
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Made for use on the street, in the theatre, at an event, out in nature, up in the air, and in locations previously considered too noisy, windy, or expensive to set up and record in.

With directivity that outperforms all others

In comparison with other high-end directional shotgun microphones, Konos maintains negligible side and rear lobes through a very wide range of frequencies, over long distances, inside and outside, and with impressive noise-handling tolerance.

Three exceptional pick-up patterns achieved with one microphone

Narrow (30°)

Narrow mic pick-up pattern

Medium (50°)

Medium mic pick-up pattern

Wide (90°)

Wide mic pick-up pattern
Konos maintains negligible side and rear lobes across low and high frequency ranges.

Be the first to test Konos.

A limited number of pre-production Konos microphones are available to buy and try. We’ll swap each one you buy for a full production one when Konos becomes available on general release in 2022.

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